Headline Entertainer



Suzie G, guest headline entertainer invites you into her world of sophisticated music, fabulous costumes and entertaining presentations of some of the world’s most favourite classical and popular tunes.

Playing on her white electric violin, she dazzles her audiences with beauty of sound, glamour and a great sense of FUN!! She performs all her music with a live 4-9 piece band and can also perform with full orchestral backing tracks.

Miss G performs her choreographed dance moves to such show stoppers as: The Can-Can, Cotton Eye Joe, Eine Kleine Nacht Musik and Hawaii 5/0. Her rendition of The Devil Goes down to Georgia is both entertaining and exciting; a real crowd pleaser.

She is now in demand in the Asian region and has included many numbers from that part of the world. Her show is both engaging and interactive crossing boundaries and cultures.

Another string to Suzie’s bow are her heartfelt solos with piano, with her interpretations of many popular classics like Hallelujah, The Prayer, Nessun Dorma and many more bringing her audiences to tears and standing ovations.

Her entertaining style and energetic stage presence makes for a really great night of entertainment and memories that you’ll treasure for ever.

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