2017 GO GO GO!

2017 started off with a bang, with cruises to the South Pacific, local shows for the ACCF in Brisbane and a huge event staged in Perth with a new Indian event company with my electric string trio Maske.


Maske Live

Just when I thought I couldn’t top that off I was specially invited to launch the new Porsche Panamera car at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. This event was many months in the making with dress fittings in Sydney and many rehearsals. I had to wear a special harness that allowed me to fly high into the air whilst I performed a special piece of music. Aerial artists performed around me as the dress had special images projected onto it. It was definitely one of my most memorable shows of all time and it was broadcast all over the online media in Singapore and abroad.


Lastly for my news catch up I ventured back down to Sydney where I embarked on a family/work holiday.


Suzie G show at Liverpool Catholic Club 2017

I revisited a few of the best clubs and performed with some of the best local club musicians. It was great to be back  in the home of my birth and to take my nearly 2 year old, Miss Valentina Tina G on a plane and to the Sydney Opera House where she frolicked on the steps and we blew bubbles around her.

Next up I have more corporate shows with my trio Maske  and another appearance at Twin Towns  on October 24th and at the Caloundra RSL on October 30th.

Keep SMILING!!!!!


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